Unlimited Freedom

Over the past month I have undergone a progressive Self-Realization and experienced God-consciousness. I have understood myself as being a channel for the Divine. I have understood God to be the gentle Friend, always on our side, speaking through our inner knowing, our truth – that at this level with are not separate from God, but continuously we are Created and Creating Divine. Our purpose is to be ourselves, or put otherwise, One’s purpose is to be OneSelf. One is God within all, within each and every one of us. This is marked by the presence of integrity – wholeness and openness that is consistent and coherent with all levels of reality. My vocation as I understand it now in my Truth, is to speak openly and honestly about my life, this experience, and to offer it is plainly and clearly as it is – to whomever can benefit – without any unnatural obstruction. From this truth, I will offer to all free and unlimited support in forms such as coaching, individual talks, circles and speeches. I will accept all donations that come from the heart, that do not deprive one of essential means, that come as free choice. Absolutely no one will be refused any resource I make available for financial reasons and I will strive for maximum accessibility in all ways. If I am gifted with resources, I will continue to live modestly and lightly in my limitless freedom, and put those resources to work in creating social ecovillages based on love and acceptance of all by fit, rather than economic means, and connected to these communities will be Centres for the Arts, both creative and spiritual. I will bring the vibrational paradigm particularly to those who feel excluded financially, giving them equal opportunity at limitless freedom and enlightement in this lifetime without a startup price barrier. My belief has always been that what is offered from the heart cannot be returned, only that which is given from the heart can be accepted. People of all means gain everything from interacting with each other, not simply within their own groups. My work will bring worlds together and work to end inequality. 


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The Album




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Looking for Work is my debut album, recorded in 2011.  The idea was to record the earlier songwriting work for preservation and for your enjoyment. Five of the songs on here were written in the 1990’s.  One track, Aya, was recorded out inspiration from my daughter who was still in the womb at the time, in 2011. Two tracks were recorded with just guitar and voice in 2006, and were added to the album. The song Reality was written around 2006. Zikr is not an original, but a recording of chants from Sufi and Ismaili tradition, requested by a family member.

Through my life, and like most of my post-modern contemporaries in this generation, Looking for Work is a constant theme. Almost twenty years after writing it at nineteen, that search continues.  I’ve discovered one important distinction, however. There is work for hire, and there is my work.  This songwriting that I do, is most purely my work. Looking for work, in this sense, is looking for myself, or looking for the song. It is a spiritual search. In another sense, the economic pressure to look for ‘work for hire’ also contains much possibility for a path, for an experience, for a way to be a difference. But there is the dissatisfaction there too, of this economy, it’s jobs and its assault on our humanity. Still, a working man I am, and not a pure artist whose only occupation is his artistic craft. The soul has already decided to look in all directions in this life. This song, and title track, was the earliest of the songs in this compilation and the songs are presented in chronological order of time of writing.

Peace my brothers and sisters.