Divergence and Convergence – Toward a Sufi Neo-Shamanism

On CBC’s Tapestry yesterday an interview with Rabbi Sacks, who showed me both why I love God from the centre of the Judeo-Christian-Islamic (JCI)tradition, and what has gone wrong with it, what Sacks himself doesn’t see despite his depth. Loving God as all-encompassing Love is the centre, as deep, wide, high, and unified, inner-outer-first-last as this existence can be. That is the Sufism of the JCI. And it is inherent to the religious tolerance of the Sufis and enlightened Islamic civilizations of 9th-13th ce, emphasized by Rabbi Sacks. Where I digress, is the discussion around the ‘transcendence of nature’, seen by Sachs as critical to the good and order in society, but to me is an evil (a powerful false or half- truth)inserted into the JCI tradition 8000 years ago with agriculture and is responsible for human, white and other forms of supremacy culture, the wrongs of patriarchy on women, men and children, the oppression of indigenous people by ‘civilizing’  empires, sexual oppression, and the colossal ignrance of our part within nature that leads us to be the cause of climate change and potential species and global extinction. That would be the 6th global extinction on the planet, and the first served in awareness. However, my shaman visions on this tell me that an extinction cannot occur in awareness, that true awareness is powerful enough to avert and survive exctinction and that it’s fulfillment is the cause of it’s being, that it cannot cause it’s own demise. Awareness, or Soul, tells me already that it is the survivor of all extinctions. It tells me it is the supernatural within nature that transcends all ignorance of it’s unavoidable truth in being. And it’s here in the current global spiritual awakening that is going beyond the Self, and diving into the Truth, taking us beyond the project of perfecting me, to find the perfection in our nature. This is happening in the context of cultural entropy and the expiration of time-based prophecies that mark the demise of the dull order of civilization, and a return to our magical existence in the wildness of our true nature, and the full-dimensional possibilities of the Divine. The destruction of the dominating, supreme patriarch idol of God from within has been my experience, and maybe that of the rising tide of shamanism still hidden within our culture. A wider purpose to our personal growth to embody the full and true self is the fall of the obedience to the mass consumerism, materialiasm, psychiatry and thearpy culture,and idea that something is inherently wrong with us (original sin). A wider purpose to the burnout of the modern bureaucratic worker is his liberation from the colony, his reunification with soul not as transcending of nature but as Rumi expressed so well well – Your Wild True Nature. Global weirding requires the full dynamic of our ability to embrace uncertainty, and reject the false safety of holding back. To find equilibrium in chaos, to find steady ground in emptiness, to find God in Truth and all-encompassing LOVE, and to save ourselves now and as many other species we can, from our own self-destruction. The revolution will not be televised, it’s happening in your heart, your bones, in the weather itself. on the user-based internet and other ways of  of sharing. LOVE.


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