Arjuna on the Battlefield – the Call for Earth Unity

I recognize within me now an aggression that has been latent, an anger that has sometimes in the past come through white and hot. Since I know the source of this anger now to be my nature itself, as inseparable from the whole. That anger is at the history of domination, supremacy, control, coercion that is the hallmark of empire. And so it can be channelled in a healthy way towards revolution, Earth Unity, and the fulfillment of the prophecies of the end of Time. These do not actually point to extinction or armageddon or a magical way out, and I am as angry at the defeatists who want to mourn our species prematurely and fantasize about post-apocalyptic doom as I am at the complacent and the false religion that says believers in an absent God or those with some other special ticket will get out, and everyone else is fucked.God is truth, not lies and fantasies. So Earth Unity is not about hugging it out, it’s about sorting it out and getting real. I want a well-earned hug from someone who is on a real compassionate path with me, one that cares for my children and yours. My anger is that of a protective father.

I stand now like Arjuna in the Gita, and my Higher Power pushes me onto the battlefield like a Krishna. Arjuna knows that he must fight with his cousins and friends, he fears losing them but he knows he must enter. I am here to fight with you because you are a Westerner, because you live in tacit approval of an evil empire of dirt that is this junk civilization. You have been taught all the wrong things, and you do not know how to live on this planet in a way that respects your children and grandchildren. I have fought and continue to fight my shadow on this. That we fight together is Earth Unity, that we look beyond ourselves and our gratification needs, and align ourselves with the struggle of the remaining species who we haven’t yet killed off. Knowing that all creatures are interdependent here and knowing that we are the enemy, and acting like we are actually responsible for the consequences of our actions. This is the call.

I seek in you to align with a Unity for this Earth, and that is my chariot between the armies of greed and complacent individualism that characterize the Western mind. But the Unity is not a deal between us that we can agree to or negotiate. The Unity has everything to do with reconciling our civilzation with the facts of life on the planet which are non-negotiable. There is no agreement that is valid that gives you have the right and entitlement owing to your economic status to use up 8-10 times the carbon that this Earth can sustain, though your man-made laws celebrate this behavior and even ask the world to aspire to such madness. This is what the average Canadian does and waits for someone else to take up the slack or offer him technologies or governments to sort it out. Meanwhile, there is relentless fall towards climate disaster, relentless pain of the majority of the world’s people we are still living off the backs off. And I see in our culture it is still all about me, me, me. There are bottom lines, and our society of affluence is setting a disastrous targets for the growing middle classes of the developing world. Earth Unity is a beautiful vision that sets us toward reconciling our real relationship with all creatures and our natural world, but it is not what you are attaining by feeling nice about it, and you cannot enter it with this cultural baggage. It comes from decolonization, and shredding the consumer lifestyle, and working the collective revolution against the trend and trajectory. Why is this important? Because if you care at all about what your children will face, and their children, you will think twice about the data on climate change and the direct relationship of behavior. You will look at seriously, and if you do you will be shocked, you should cry and be outraged at us.

These are things I have to say repeatedly now until we are all saying it. This Unity comes from your detachment from the narcissism of our society, and alignment with responsibility. And this is the call I am making. It’s time for tearing down these walls of empire of self, and restoring our true nature. Mashallah.


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