Bipolar Wellness

This post may become it’s own blog, this is a time where I am trying new things. So I’m trying this out.

But it may be too simple. Bipolar wellness is a lot like ordinary wellness for anyone. It is based on self-love and self-care, healthy relating and learning to dance with all the range of emotion and energy, how to fall gracefully and to get back on one’s feet. It is about learning to be true to oneself, to let the mud of self-doubt clear and learn to listen to the heart first with all the external pressures to do or be, to source love from within so as to create an authentically happy life. It is about making healthy choices and learning from mistakes, getting humbled and getting to true self-worth and healthy ego. But just like for anyone who has a health problem, like an addiction or even a physical ailment that is related to behavior, there is a recovery process that relies on universal principles that are spiritual laws. This healing process will source the beauty, creativity, brilliance and joy of the soul that is alive and awake with appreciation and love. And it will bring one face to face with the ugly parts of the self and all the feelings we are uncomfortable with. That is bipolar wellness – up and down, good and bad, high and low!! That is any human life, who dares to ask who they are and what it is for, who wants to awaken the depths and make courageous choices. But with this illness, the clinical manias and depressions, there is a breakdown in this process. There is extreme high and low, there is delusion, and there are consequences we admit we want to avoid once we regain insight and are hit with sanity. Then it is making a commitment to sanity, despite the difficulty one must then face within in the healing process. This is where we learn to truly love again I feel. With courage, there are ways to radically accept it all, to love oneself all over again, to heal and to change. That is what this is about. It is about wanting for myself healthy, happy and stable life, one that is awake and authentic and honest with myself. I am learning that my self-worth is something I get to practise and create and that is what attracts good quality of life. This also means for me, staying on lithium as a commitment to this path.

It is also means for me, that everything serious I say will be hilarious at some point, and will become bubbling, wonderful laughter because of my practise of laughter yoga. That doesn’t really detract from any of it, it is lovely and healing to laugh at it all once in a while.

For me, I am doing this for myself and for my daughter Aya, and her Mom, and my mother. I’m doing this for my whole family and community, and all my relations.


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