I am a guitarist, singer-songwriter and sitarist based in the Ottawa Valley and Wakefield, QC. I also poetry, and dabble in fiction and non-fiction writing. I have published four academic papers related to globalization, access to research and global health education.

My artistic journey began with songwriting in 1995, as a 19 year old freshly experiencing the freedom and challenges of independence. I continued self-teaching on guitar as well as learning Indian Classical sitar, writing poetry and songwriting. I recovered from hospitalizations with bipolar, and I worked in street health work and pursued an academic career. After 15 years. I launched a professional arts career at age 36, completing my first album. In 2011, I started painting and acting as well.

My mandate as an artist is to give expression to personal inner experience as it meets the world.  My own experience of culture is mixed, and my mandate in the arts is to reflect that experience. Arts expressed through a craft, particularly those linked to a tradition are sacred forms of personal development. They grant the opportunity to train in a discipline. When developing sitar technique, one will practise scales repeatedly. When developing a raga, one will explore, correct and refine the expression of each note for a long period of time. Understanding of Tal (rhythm) becomes ingrained. Musicianship is informed and improved, for me in singing, songwriting, and playing other instruments (guitar, bass, ukelele, piano). But while the artist is crafting the music, the discipline is crafting the artist. The quality and the excellence of the raga becomes part of her or him. As a poet, actor, painter, songwriter and even as a street health worker, such practise is a spiritual blessing.


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